Queen Mary (part 2)

“I’m George.” the man said extending his hand. “Jennifer.” the voice said. “So Jennifer I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. First time?” “Is it that obvious?” I replied feeling that insecurity rising again.. “No, let’s just say I’d remember those eyes if I’d seen them before.” Wow, That felt really good I thought blushing as the drinks arrived. “This is Jennifer.” George now said addressing the bartender. “Frank.” The bartender said leaning forward to take my hand. ” a chante.” he said as he kissed it. “Jennifer’s first time.” George said lifting his glass. Frank picked one up from behind the bar. “To new friends, gorgeous bitches and the poor saps who love them. “Welcome!” said Frank. I chuckled raising my own glass to theirs. “Thank You.” I said our glasses clicking. “To the Queen Mary.”

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