The Wedding

Hello everyone. Thank You all for coming.We’re all here to celebrate the marriage between Avalon and Genivieve,  a transgender woman and a woman from birth. Most people see them now as a Lesbian couple. Ironically, after Genivieve’s transition their joining became one that up until a few years ago would not have been possible. Two weeks ago, Avalon and Genivieve walked into the courthouse  behind me and applied for a marriage license. The clerk never batted an eyelash. As a matter of fact, he actually congratulated them! Coincidentally this is the same courthouse where less than a year ago Genivieve had her name and gender legally changed. In other words, this is a very special place for them both and a very unique wedding. This may well be the very first transgender marriage held on these grounds. … ever. While that is indeed significant, it is also somewhat irrelevant.  What is relevant is that Avalon and Genivieve deeply love each other and that we are here to celebrate it regardless of what label is placed on the union. In addition they have 5 (now 6) lovely adult children who join them in this marriage. They feel very blessed to have them here today. Avalon and Genivieve are excited to have finally found each other and feel honored to share this day with you. Thank you all for being here and showing your support!

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